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Big Update..

January 8th, 2011 Chef Leave a comment Go to comments

I know its been a long time since our last update. After reading feedback from people, I get the feeling that some people still dont understand what we do at 13G.

The life and soul of 13g comes down to 2 people. Chef and Sous Chef. There is no one else in the kitchen. Think about that for 1 minute… 2 people… making fresh bread every morning, as well as preparing the daily specials, and the chefs specials. It is not an easy thing to do, trust me.

As much as I can understand peoples frustrations with the items advertised on the site (Podcasts, The Online Store, Cooking Classes) – all of these things are coming, it is just slower than you might want, because we are so busy.

You have to understand that my first goal everyday as Chef is to feed the people that visit me… all other projects take a second seat. Sorry for that, but that is what it takes to run a bistro

As to the future of 13g and its online presence – We have a ton of special projects going. Wine events, First time taster events, and much more!

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