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Opening Night – Take 2

March 24th, 2010 Chef 3 comments

Had to re-post this.. as the first images were too large and autosized to look like a mirror at Ripleys.

Here are some of the images of opening night at 13G. When we opened, I ran the kitchen totally alone for almost 2 weeks until I brought on my experienced nephew (The Kid) as my full time Sous Chef. Opening night was a nightmare… We did as much in numbers that night as we do now on a busy Friday or Saturday – except now I have my Sous.


Flying solo in the kitchen…..weeeee!


End of normal dinner service. I think that’s a bit of flour on my face. When all normal food orders were cooked, I actually went out into the dining room, held up a cigarette, and said “I will get your dessert orders done when I get back from a smoke break” – some people seemed confused, others laughed, and yet another person took a picture of it.


Chef Mike (from Chew) and Chef Brian (from Orsay) joining me for that smoke. Wow… look at the carnage on my apron!

I will get more images scanned and posted when I get time.

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March 23rd, 2010 Chef No comments

So I know most of you are not used to seeing me in formal whites… but there was a time during my learning when I wore them. The triple D show has requested a picture of me in them, so I will also post it here…


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During the move…

March 17th, 2010 Chef 4 comments

I have spent the last couple of days (my normal days off) moving to a new place. There has been some confusion about my moving… to clear things up.. I have lived in Riverside for aslong as I care to remember. If Im not in Spain, Im in riverside (or Avondale if you want to get picky). I have NOT moved out of the neighborhood. I have moved from Herschel to Oak street. Thats it.

Now… during the move I found pictures that were taken by RAP on opening night. I was alone on opening night.. so these images are really of a hardcore me… covered with sweat and dying for a break. Anyone interested in seeing them?

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Fresh from the oven…

March 7th, 2010 Chef 4 comments


Peasant Bread! Fresh out of the oven… all crusty and delicious. This is one of the things we spent the most time on during the shoot. Guy and the entire crew loved the bread.. so we covered it well.

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