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Tasso Cajun Ham

January 24th, 2010 Chef 14 comments

Again… this is just a teaser. As I havent found a cheap cameraman or invested in my own system.

Cajun cured ham!


This chunk of pork has been cured for 2 days in a non-reactive container. The cure is a blend of salt (either sea or kosher) and sugar. After the 2 day cure (and constant care during that process) it is washed clean in cool water.

After being washed clean of the cure, it is rubbed with our own special blend of spices. We then let it cure for 3 more days in a non-reactive container. After the 3 days, wipe the meat clean with a DRY paper towel.

The end result will be:


Look at that beautiful cured chunk of pork. If you are brave (as I am) eat it as is, but we recommend a pan sear as one would prepare pancetta. This piece of pork is so yummie.

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Making fresh Mozzarella – Part 2

January 15th, 2010 Chef 14 comments

Making fresh mozz continued….


Curds have rested and firmed up overnight. You could actually eat them right now and they’re delicious! Or melt the unworked curd over fries and gravy for a late night snack after hitting the bars.


Next, we work the curd in extremely hot water. The water temp needs to be between 170 and 185 for the curds to melt and come together. Yes, my hands are in that hot water. No, I dont have any nerve endings left to speak of. In all seriousness, it is uncomfortable to work the curds directly in the water with your hands, to those of you not able to do it, I recommend working it with 2 spoons.


The finished cheese. Which will be served on special tonight.

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Making fresh Mozzarella – Part 1

January 13th, 2010 Chef 4 comments

This is actually just a teaser until I get the video stuff squared away. These are pictures taken today with my cell phone.


Getting the milk up to the correct temperature. This really all depends on what type of cheese and what type of dairy product you are starting out with. In the background is a small pot with some mirepoix in it, which is our base starter for our inhouse curry sauce.


After bringing the milk up to temp, Ive added rennet to begin the coagulation process. At 13G we use organic, gluten free vegetable rennet – so our homemade cheese is vegetarian friendly. When making soft cheeses, such as fromage blanc – you can actually use vinegar or lemon juice instead of rennet.


The curds have now been spooned out of the whey. They will set up overnight to give them some firmness. Tomorrow, fresh mozz time! I’ll take more pictures and update again when its all done….

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Planning ahead…

January 12th, 2010 Chef 3 comments

Now that I am looking for someone with spare time to film me in the kitchen (and will take food as payment, lets face it… chefs dont do it for the money.. Im broke), what would you guys like to see in the first few videos?

Cheese making? Sausage making? Risotto? Bread?

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Bourdain on why vegans are evil.

January 12th, 2010 Chef 2 comments

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Tonights Risotto…

January 9th, 2010 Chef 5 comments

A little surf n’ turf action. Smoked ham risotto topped with pan seared scallops.


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January 9th, 2010 Chef 3 comments

As soon as I find a free ‘cameraman’ or get myself some kind of digital camcorder… I will be posting videos on how to make different kinds of cheese and cured meats.

Im really trying to make things happen with 13G and the local restaurant community, which is why I am pouring so much of myself into this new process.

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The best of the best… hi-flippin-larious.

January 7th, 2010 Chef No comments

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So… talk to me…

January 5th, 2010 Chef 11 comments

What recipes or techniques would anyone like to discuss?

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This is so cool….

January 5th, 2010 Chef No comments

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